ABB offers 1200V SPT+ IGBT and DIODES as chipsets.

IGBT and Diode Dies

The SPT+ technology offers rugged, reliable performance to allow for modules for a broad range of applications.

ABB Switzerland, Semiocnductors does not manaufacture 1200V modules and instead focuses on supporting independent packaging companies as a chip partner.

ABB uses the same SPT and SPT+ technology in 1700V, 2500, 3300, 4500 and 6500 V modules made in Lenzburg.

IGBT conduction losses are somewhat higher compared to GTOs and IGCTs. Turn-off losses, on the other hand, are lower. For this reason, the optimum IGBT switching frequency is higher with respect to GTOs and IGCTs of the same ratings.

The IGBT can be applied without any protective networks ("snubbers"), thus enabling extremely simple system topologies. The price of this simplicity is that a larger portion of the system losses is dissipated in the silicon, thus reducing maximum switching power through thermal constraints.

A unique feature of all IGBTs is their ability to withstand short-circuits (high current flow and high voltage across the device at the same time). In a short circuit, the current through the IGBT remains limited to a level given by the device's design and it is possible to safely turn off the short circuit within 10 microseconds with the normal gate control and without permanent damage to the device.

IGBTs are fabricated as small semiconductor chips with a typical size of 1 cm2. Together with their companion diodes, they are built into modules with different electrical and mechanical configurations and various electrical ratings.

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Part number Datasheet Type Size
5SMX 76E1280 5SMX 12E1280# SPT 6.5 x 6.6 1200 25
5SMX 86E1280
5SMX 76H1280 5SMX 12H1280# SPT 9.1 x 9.0 1200 50
5SMX 86H1280
5SMX 76K1280 5SMX 12K1280# SPT 11.0 x 11.0 1200 75
5SMX 86K1280
5SMX 76L1280 5SMX 12L1280# SPT 12.6 x 12.6 1200 100
5SMX 86L1280
5SMY 76H1280
5SMY 86H1280
5SMY 12H1280 SPT+ 9.1 x 9.1 1200 57
5SMY 76J1280
5SMY 86J1280
5SMY 12J1280 SPT+ 10.2 x 10.2 1200 75
5SMY 76K1280
5SMY 86K1280
5SMY 12K1280 SPT+ 11.2 x 11.9 1200 100
5SMY 76M1280
5SMY 86M1280
5SMY 12M1280 SPT+ 13.5 x 13.5 1200 150
5SMY 12M1721# SPT+ 13.6 x 13.6 1700 150
5SMX 12L2510 SPT 12.4 x 12.4 2500 50
5SMX 12L2511 SPT 12.4 x 12.4 2500 50
5SMX 12M3300 SPT 13.6 x 13.6 3300 50
5SMY 12M3300 SPT+ 13.6 x 13.6 3300 62.5
5SMY 12L4500 SPT+ 12.8 x 12.8 4500 42
5SMY 12M4500# SPT+ 13.6 x 13.6 4500 50
5SMY 12N4500 SPT+ 14.3 x 14.3 4500 55
5SMX 12M6500 SPT 13.6 x 13.6 6500 25
5SMY 12M6500# SPT+ 13.6 x 13.6 6500 31.25


Part numberDatasheetType Size
5SLY 76E1200
5SLY 86E1200
5SLY 12E1200 SPT+6.3 x 6.3120050
5SLY 76F1200
5SLY 86F1200
5SLY 12F1200 SPT+7.4 x 7.4120075
5SLY 76G1200
5SLY 86G1200
5SLY 12G1200 SPT+8.4 x 8.41200100
5SLY 76J1200
5SLY 86J1200
5SLY 12J1200 SPT+10 x 101200150
5SLX 76K1711
5SLX 86K1711
5SLX 12K1711SPT11.9 x 11.91700150
5SLX 76M1711
5SLX 86M1711
5SLX 12M1711 SPT13.6 x 13.61700200
5SLY 12M1700#SPT+13.5 x 13.51700300
5SLX 12L2507 SPT12.4 x 12.42500100
5SLX 12L2510SPT12.4 x 12.42500100
5SLX 12M3301SPT 13.6 x 13.6 3300 100
5SLY 12M3300 SPT+13.6 x 13.63300125
5SLY 12L4500 SPT+12.9 x 12.9450084
5SLY 12N4500 SPT+14.3 x 14.34500110
5SLX 12M6500 SPT+13.6 x 13.6650050